Dangers That May Be With Children on the Beach

When summer comes and high temperatures are present, it’s hard to resist the request of the children: the vast majority of them have only one desire to stay on the beach if possible all day long.

But what cares will parents have to take with their children when they bring them to this hotly contested place? This is what we will see in this article.

The Sun and Its Burns

Sun Burns

All parents already know that they should take their children to the beach when the sun is not “too hot”, before 10 am, and after 4 pm. During this time the sun’s rays can do the skin of the little ones less harm.

In addition, other essential precautions should be taken by parents to prevent skin burns to their children, and what is worse in the future is that they are at risk of developing skin cancer, as the effect of the sun, according to experts, is cumulative over the years.

Experts are unanimous in stating that children need to be protected from the strong sun, as some severe burns can increase the risk of children developing skin cancer later in life.

It doesn’t matter if they are on vacation and want to spend most of their time in the sun in the pools or beaches. Their skin needs protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays whenever they are exposed to it.

Parents should always look for somewhere that has a shade to stay with their children, at least some time away from sunlight.

According to experts, ultraviolet rays get stronger and more harmful to people’s skin at noon, so it is always advisable to plan activities indoors or at the club and not expose yourself to these rays.

If this is not possible, parents should look for shade under a large tree, or stand under a tent with their children. These options should be used to prevent sunburn and avoid discomfort in children.

Another thing is to cover the children, because this way their skin will not be so exposed to ultraviolet rays. According to experts, clothes that cover the skin of children help protect against these harmful rays to their skin. 

The ideal is to dress the little ones with T-shirts, shorts and a cap to protect them from the sun’s rays.

cover the children of sun

Another is very useful for those who want to protect their children from the intense sun and apply sunscreen or keep the child always under a shade.

Another care parents should take with their children when they take them to the beach is to put a hat or cap on them.

The hats cover the face, scalp, ears, neck are very easy to wear and still provide great protection to children. Caps that are most popular with children but do not protect the ears and neck.

If the child wants to go to the beach in a cap, parents should not forget to protect those exposed areas of the body with a good sunscreen.

Good sunglasses are also essential to protect your children’s eyes from the sun’s rays.

They protect the child’s eyes from ultraviolet rays, which if exposed to such rays can lead to the child having cataracts later in life as an adult.

Applying sunscreen is another indispensable measure for your child’s health on the beaches. According to dermatologists, the ideal is for parents to pass on their children sunscreen with at least SPF 15 and UVA and UVB protection each time your child is exposed to intense sunlight again. 

Guidelines for Protecting Children from Sun Hazards

For better protection, experts recommend applying sunscreen in large quantities, at least 30 minutes before sun exposure. It is noteworthy that the protector should be worn on the ears, nose, lips and feet to protect them.

Experts recommend that parents bring sunscreen to reapply it throughout the day, especially after the child swims in the sea or exercises outdoors. Another indispensable caution is that the protectors must be waterproof resistant products.

Parents should follow the sunscreen packaging instructions carefully especially when using for babies under six months of age whose skin is more fragile. According to experts, not all protectors contain the same ingredients, so if your or your child’s skin has some kind of anti-protective reaction, parents should try using another mark, or rather consult a dermatologist who will be able to prescribe the best for sunburn.

precautions about the sun

The doctor can help parents decide what to buy and use for their children by allowing them to protect themselves and their children from the dangers of the sun more effectively.

Another necessary step that parents should take when deciding to take their children to the beach is to hydrate them at all times. Even after children have swam in the ocean, a good shower is always advisable to clean their bodies.

Better then than soap, it is a natural moisturizer that can be in the form of a bar of soap or a gel designed to moisturize the skin of your children.

It is noteworthy that hydration of the child’s feet is also very important. In addition, beach sand acts as a natural exfoliator, when leaving the beach a moisturizer on your children’s feet should be applied.

Final considerations

Other precautions that parents should take when taking their children to the beach, besides the sun as explained above, is also with the type of water they are diving. Caregivers should check beaches that are unsuitable for swimming, and avoid them. And if you suspect some kind of pollution, also prevent your children from getting into the water.

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