Herbs That Help Sexual Health

If you are experiencing a small drop in your libido, you will certainly be interested in the subject of this article. I wanted to talk to you today about the most effective aphrodisiac plants. Consumed naturally, or in the form of food supplements, they will allow you not only to boost your desire, but also to improve your physical performance by providing you with energy or by relieving your stress.

The genus of aphrodisiac plants that exist

aphrodisiac plants

Roots, barks, herbs and flowers … aphrodisiac plants come in all forms! For a long time man has attributed to many plants the ability to accompany him in his sexuality. An ethnobotanical survey carried out last year identified 200 aphrodisiac plants in India alone.

They are also in great demand: the very explicit banded wood, an endemic Caribbean shrub, has become rare in the West Indies due to over-exploitation. Savory, peppermint, ginseng or even maca come in formulas supposed to “stimulate the libido”.

Many food plants have been used as sexual tonics, notably celery, long considered the best aphrodisiac of European flora! But what exactly are we looking for when using these pleasure plants? And above all, what should we hope for, with the scientific hindsight that we enjoy today?

The answer to the first question is both simple and complicated. Trivially, we seek to feel and give pleasure, and when we do not succeed, we resort to external means. Men resort to herbs to enlarge the penis to better satisfy their partners, want to increase the time they last in bed so that a woman can reach orgasms, have stronger erections and etc.

Pedro Pinto, a doctor specializing in sexology and plant therapy, serves first and foremost as messengers, so many the love symbols they convey. “They are present in love games, for example by preparing a spicy dish,” suggests Pedro Pinto.

Obviously much more is expected from so-called aphrodisiac plants. And, that is what we are sometimes promised when we talk about “natural Viagra”. However, it is both a seller and a very reductionist because, like complex sexuality, the action of plants is very varied.

Best Aphrodisiac Herbs

Several natural alternatives are possible to help Men regain vitality and dynamism in his sex life. Among these plants, we find in particular ginseng, which stimulates the nervous system and therefore acts as a tonic. Ginseng gives you the energy and stamina you need.

Another plant that is friendly to your sexuality happens to be maca, which is a powerful sexual stimulant by acting on your libido. Similar to maca, ginger is also an extremely well-known aphrodisiac that acts on sex hormones and promotes erection.

This perennial plant creates an influx of blood into the body which causes a feeling of warmth and arousal of the senses.

Finally, guarana is the plant material richest in caffeine, allowing you to provide a significant dose of energy. It reduces fatigue and invigorates your whole body.

You can find these different plants in the form of food supplements to help you regain strength and vitality in your sexual activity. The pills of ginger, ginseng, and etc. can be consumed in order to boost your libido.

Aphrodisiac plants have been natural remedies used since time immemorial to stimulate desire and increase our sexual performance. Some act specifically in men or in women, but in the vast majority of cases, they will be as effective in one as in the other.

It is necessary all the same to differentiate the aphrodisiac plants making it possible to stimulate the male erection, of the female aphrodisiacs, which play less on the release of the hormone of desire (testosterone), which it is not possible to stimulate in outside the period of ovulation. In general, aphrodisiacs are above all natural tonics, which will boost your metabolism, by providing you with the energy you need to be more enduring in bed, or improve your blood circulation. Indeed, for more stimulating intercourse and more intense orgasms, we put especially on natural vasodilators, which oxygenate your genitals, increase the pleasure, increase penis size, and offer stronger and longer erections.

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